MultiCultural Radio Broadcasting, Inc.
$150 million Section 362 acquisition of 14 radio Stations

PGP Capital Advisors acted as exclusive M&A advisor to Multicultural Radio Broadcasting, Inc. in their acquisition of public company Radio Unica, Inc. (NASDAQ: UNCA). Structured as a Section 362 acquisition of assets, Radio Unica also had $150 million face value of Senior Notes which contributed to the complexity of the negotiations and finalizing the transaction.

“From the start, PGP’s contributions have been invaluable to me and my company. PGP helped us create a comprehensive financial model, produced qualitative materials to help communicate our story to leading private equity firms and other potential financing sources and developed strategic analyses to help guide our acquisition plans.

PGP made its greatest contributions in representing MRBI in the acquisition process for Radio Unica. After our initial overtures were rebuffed, PGP patiently waited and leveraged its extensive contacts in the private equity and financial services community to determine an opportune time to re-enter the process. In a complex transaction that required a bankruptcy filing, negotiation with public debt holders, and placating the private equity firm that owned the majority of Radio Unica’s equity, PGP repeatedly demonstrated its understanding of key legal, financial and strategic issues. During an often contentious negotiation phase, PGP was extraordinarily adept at suggesting creative solutions and structural alternatives in order to bring all sides to agreement Furthermore, PGP played a key role in helping us secure financing by aggressively negotiating terms with several lending institutions. After much hard work, we were able to reach an agreement to acquire Radio Unica’s assets on very favorable terms.”

-Arthur Liu
Chairman & CEO

  • Client: MultiCultural Radio Broadcasting
  • Services: M & A Advsiory
  • Press: View @ Business Wire
  • Date: February 2004